Courses include instruction, lesson materials, use of laptop, Internet connection and laughter!

The Net Cracker provides private and small group classes with a maximum of five students to ensure one-on-one attention.

Gift Certificates are available.

Course Offerings

Williamsville Community Education

Located at Williamsville North Senior High School, The Net Cracker offers a selection of regularly-scheduled courses through the Adult Education program. See the following links for more information and to register.

Course Descriptions

Computer Basics - First Steps

If you want to learn how to use a computer and laugh while you learn, this is the right course for you! The class starts with "Here's the On Button" and includes how to use a mouse or touch pad and how to search the Internet. Students will receive written instructions. Maximum class size is five students.

Beginning Email

Now that you have some basic computer skills, it's time to learn how to connect with your friends and loved ones with email. You may use your existing email account, or one will be created for you. Learn how to read, reply and delete emails and open photos. Learn about the inbox, drafts, spam, trash and email safety. Students will receive written instructions. Maximum class size is five students.

Advanced E-mail

Basic email skills are no longer enough!!! Now you want to know how to forward emails, attach photos and documents, organize emails, create folders, create an address book and email to multiple parties. Students will receive written instructions. Maximum class size is five students.

Advanced Skills/Brush-up Class

This class is perfect for the student who has some basic skills—can conduct an internet search and has used email—but has some questions. The format for this class is solely based on student issues and questions. Topics for class may include but are not limited to email, photos, word processing, navigation, and Facebook.

Beginning Word processing

Ever think about typing a letter, making a Christmas card list, creating a record of your recipes? Maybe you are in charge of your book club or church newsletter? Learn to format a letter or document, edit text, cut and paste, insert a table, insert and format clipart, and more. Students will receive written instructions. Maximum class size is five students.

All About Photos

Feeling frustrated because friends and family don't make copies of photos any more? Wishing you could see photos? Accessing pictures on the computer is easier than you might think. In this class you will learn how to transfer your photos from your camera to the computer. You will learn how to edit, save and organize your photos by creating folders for them. You will also learn how to attach a photo to an email and save a photo to your desktop.

Research Your Family History

Ever wonder where you really came from? Take a journey through time using various free and paid genealogy websites. Learn very basic researching strategies—how to create a family tree, view census, birth, death, marriage, military records and more. Students will receive written instructions and genealogy forms.

Beginning Facebook

Have you noticed that your children and grandchildren spend much of their time using electronic communication devices? Keeping in touch with loved ones with Facebook can open your world to daily communication and many photos that are posted Facebook by your family. Students will receive written instructions.

Introduction to Instagram

Sharing your photos on social media can be a great way to stay connected. We'll start by downloading the Instagram app.  From there we will create an account and set up your profile.  You will then learn how to follow your friends, upload photos, comment on photos and edit photos.

Creating a Facebook Page for Business or Organization

Introduction to creating a Facebook Page for your business, club or organization.  Learn how to set up the page and complete your organization profile. Learn what and how to post, how to boost your posts and increase your audience and monitor the results for your page.  Written instructions will be provided.

Introduction to LinkedIn

Want to connect on a professional level? Learn how to set up your LinkedIn account, complete your profile, make connections, find groups, learn how to use LinkedIn for networking and job searching. Written instructions will be provided.

Introduction to tablets and cell phones

Learn to turn on your tablet, swipe, install apps, search, email, use your camera, upload photos, ant more. Whether you are using an android or an Apple product, The Net Cracker can help you to learn to enjoy your device!

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