Seniors and Computers!

So many of us encourage our older loved ones to use a computer.  Why are they so hesitant?

In many cases they have convinced themselves that they just CAN’T do it!  The language is foreign to them.  They have heard words like email, chat, instant messaging, blog, search engine, download, but they don’t understand these terms.

What do we do as children?  We tell them, “It’s easy!”  Then we sit down and zip through the process and become frustrated with them when they don’t follow.  We decide that we should write it all down for them, and then they’ll get it.  When that doesn’t work, we become further frustrated.  I’ve heard people say to their parents, “Pay attention!”

After working with several hundred seniors, here’s my suggestion:  Have a teacher teach your loved ones to use the computer.  True teachers know how to teach.  They have patience and a variety of strategies to help them learn.  It’s best if they can Laugh & Learn while using the computer.  After all, how many of us have become so annoyed with technology that we could throw it out the window?  Imagine how our parents must feel.